October 2, 2015 2:00p
Rowan University
Master Class
Pfleeger Concert Hall
Glassboro, NJ

October 2, 2015  8:00p
Rowan University
Sinfonia Americana!
Pfleeger Concert Hall
Glassboro, NJ

October 4, 2015  4:00p
Sinfonia Americana!
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Camp Hill, PA

October 5, 2015  7:30p
Sinfonia Americana!
Pottsville High School Auditorium
Pottsville, PA

October 6, 2015  2:00p
Upland School
Sinfonia Americana!
West Chester, PA

October 7, 2015  7:30p
Tromba Mundi at Carnegie Hall
Sinfonia Americana!
"A Musical Journey from the Renaissance to the Old West, with stops in Hollywood and New Orleans along the way."
Weill Recital Hall
New York, NY

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"This trumpet group is comprised of some of the best players in the nation.  The balance, intonation, blend, and  ensemble are fantastic.  The choice of repertoire is great---some old favorites and several new and exciting works as well.  This is a fine example of trumpet ensemble playing."

David Hickman, Regents Professor of Trumpet, Arizona State University

Record No. 3 is in the can!
Tromba Mundi has completed their third album! The record will contain all new works either comissioned by arranged by, or written for TM! Visit again for more info as we near a release date!

Tromba Mundi at Carnegie!
Yes! Tromba Mundi will perform in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie on Oct. 7, 2015. Stay tuned for more!

The Most Mundiest Time of the Year?
If you've seen the popular video "Why there is no Trumpet Christmas", which is hilarious,by the way,  you might be inclined to agree with that reasoning.  Not Tromba Mundi!  We're planning "The Mundiest Time of the Year" holiday record, with hopes of a release sometime before the holidays in 2017!